Bathroom remodeling

Our expertise makes your dream bathroom a reality- all with workmanship thats bound to exceed your expectations.  Your bathroom is a small but critical part of your home. It also offers one of the best value propositions when it comes renovations and remodeling. Even a simple update of your tiles, fixtures or other components can have a dramatic impact. Alternately, you could invest in a more comprehensive renovation to enjoy increased space or high-efficiency appliances, among other benefits.

Whatever your reasons for remodeling your bathroom, Your Bath & Kitchen in Mechanicsburg, Pa., can help. As our name implies, bathrooms are one of our two areas of specialty. We can work with you to bring your vision for a new bathroom to life, with quality products and a high standard of workmanship. Keep reading to learn more about your bathroom renovation options, or contact our office directly to arrange a consultation.

When you choose Your Bath & Kitchen, we will help you select exactly what you want, with expert recommendations that will help you stay with in your budget, and provide options and  ideas that will ensure an outstanding result. Then we'll plan and manage every last detail of your project and make it stress-free, enjoyable experience.

Most tubs and showers can be completed in as little one day without mess or stress. Call or visit us today. Your Bath & Kitchen, Making Ours Yours!


Walk-In Tubs and Tub-to-Shower Conversions

Bathroom renovations aren’t always purely aesthetic. We can help you save space or meet changing accessibility requirements with a bath-to-shower conversion or walk-in tub. New shower installations can be equipped with ADA-compliant seating and safety bars, as well as slip-resistant, low-entry flooring and other features. You could even choose a walk-in tub with hydro massage and air therapy functions.

Make your bathroom safer, We know exactly how to convert an old tub into a brand-new shower—completely changing the look, feel and use of your bathroom.

Enjoy these unique benefits of converting your tub to an easy entry Bath Planet Walk in Shower Stall:

  • Low Entry
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Safety Grab Bars
  • ADA Compliant Seating Options

Explore your options with a Your Bath & Kitchen representative today.

Stylish & Fully Functional Bathrooms

Bathtub Replacements - The Bath Planet Difference

Is it time to replace that cracked, stained bathtub? Replacing your tub is easy and affordable with Your Bath & Shower.  Water-stained, cracked or moldy tubs create a strong negative impression that makes your bathroom seem dirtier and less welcoming than it is. Replacing or upgrading an older bathtub will immediately change the look and feel of the entire room.

We've partnered with Bath Planet Bath & Showers to offer high-quality options for any home. Bath Planet bathtubs are made from a special acrylic material that retains its new-tub brightness, providing superior resistance to scratches, cracks and other normal wear and tear. Bath Planet tubs also feature the Bio-Lok® Microbe Shield, which helps fight bacteria and fungus. The result is a tub that will look its best for longer — the perfect centerpiece to any modern bathroom.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Free from Added Chemicals
  • Will not Scratch or Dull
  • Prevents Bacteria, Fungi & Germs



Working With Us

We’re an expert bathroom remodeling company based in Mechanicsburg, Pa., but serve homes as far away as northern Maryland. We offer transparent pricing, accurate estimates and excellent communication throughout the design and installation processes.  Our team can complete most bathroom renovations in one day. To request a quote or learn more about the role we can play in your upcoming remodel, give us a call at 844-817-1847.

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